WW1 Era C Class Light Cruiser in the Royal Navy

Assigned escort to HMS Indomitable at Columbo (1/28/42)

Arrived Soerabaja (2/6/1942)

Suffered Air attack from Japanese carrier based planes.

Assigned Task Force 227 to sweep south of Java for carriers and prevent IJN Battleships from striking Batavia (2/8/1942)

Took part in The Battle of Batavia (2/11/1942)

Took 4 Shell hits

Sank IJN Hyuga, Mortally crippled IJN Oi

Engaged Japanese Merchants scattering from Banderjermasin (2/14/1942)
Took 16 Shell Hits 2 Torpedos and sank.

Sunk (2/14/1942)

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