A Danae Class light cruiser originally built for WW1.

At the start of the war she was in the Dutch East Indies and joined with Dutch and British ships to delay the Japanese Advance.

Arrives Soerabaja (12/10/1941)

Assigned to Task Force 125 to raid Kuching (12/15/1941)

Raided Kuching (12/19/1941)

10 Japanese Ships Sunk

Raided Kuching (12/27/1941)

2 Japanese Ships Sunk

Assigned to Task Force Z to hunt Japanese Fleet in Java Sea (12/29/1941)

Task Force Z runs intercepts Japanese Carrier Fleet including IJN Kaga south of Celebes. (1/1/1942)

Kaga sufers brunt of attack 1 Japanese Destroyer Sunk

Returned to Soerabaja.

Assigned to Taskforce Y (1/4/1942)

Sunk 4 Japanese Ships near Donggala (1/6/1942)

Returned to Soerabaja

Assigned to Task Force 302 to raid north of Borneo (1/10/1942)

Retasked to hitting Japanese Carrier Force (1/13/1942)

Intercepted Japanese Carriers IJN Zuikaku and IJN Akagi (1/14/1942)

Damaged done to both ships, One Japanese destroyer sunk.

Took Light Damage

Still Damaged ordered away from Java (2/18/1942)

Assigned to support Invasion of Rossel Island (3/17/1942)

Bombarded Rossel Island, ordered to support invasion of Guadacanal (3/25/1942)

Attacked Japanese Harbor at Lunda (3/27/1942)

Took 3 Shell Hits

8 Ships sunk including IJN Ashigara and IJN Natori.

5 more Ships sunk (3/28/1942)

Raided Salamua (4/12/1942)

8 Japanese Ships Sunk

Attacked by Japanese Planes near Woodlark Island (5/3/1942)

Intercepted Japanese Task force near Port Moresby (5/5/1942)

Took 1 Shell hit

2 Japanese Ships sunk including IJN Naka

Took Part in First Battle of Port Moresby (5/6/1942)

Took 7 Shell hits causing fires

Under Repair at Sydney (9/3/1942)

Defended convoy near Lunga against IJN Takao, IJN Agano, and IJN Nagara with USS New Orleans, USS Raleigh, and USS St. Louis (11/11/1942)

Supported Invasion of Makin with HMS Valiant, USS Indianapolis, HMS Caradoc, and USS Raleigh,(1/6/1943)

Supported Invasion of Jaluit with USS Indianapolis, and USS Raleigh (1/17/1943)

Took 3 shell hits

Escorted USS Wasp in shipping raid around Rabaul with USS West Virginia, USS Houston, USS Indianapolis, and USS Juneau (5/26/1943)

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