HMS Illustrious was an Illustrious Class Aircraft carrier in the Royal Navy.

Arrived Cape Town (4/17/1942)

Attacked by Japanese Carrier Aircraft at Sydney (5/12/1942)

Took 7 Bomb Hits causing fires

Launched Raids on Lunga (5/28/1942)

1 Japanese Ship Sunk

3 Japanese Ships Sunk (5/29/1942)

8 Japanese Ships Sunk (5/30/1942)

Raids Coral Sea with HMS Formidable (6/17/1942-6/22/1942)

3 Japanese Ships Sunk including IJN Nachi

Air Raid on Ndeni (6/30/1942)

2 Japanese Ships Sunk

Escorted by USS Houston, HMAS Canberra, HNLMS Java, and HMS Newcastle

Attacked IJN Maya and IJN Ise near Port Moresby (7/14/1942)

Attacked IJN Kako and IJN Kiso near Rossel Island (7/26/1942)

Launched Raid on Rabaul with HMS Formidable (8/5/1942)

Attacked By Japanese Planes

Scored 1 Torpedo hit on IJN Yamato

Provided Air Cover for Invasion of Buna with HMS Formidable (8/18/1942)

1 Japanese Ship sunk

Engaged Japanese Carriers near Fergusson Island (9/4/1942)

Took 1 Bomb hit

Launched Air Raid on Rossel Island (9/22/1942)

2 Japanese Ships sunk

Took Part in a sweep of the Solomon Sea USS Enterprise, USS Long Island, escorted by USS Chester, USS  Chicago, USS Salt Lake City, USS Trenton, USS Concord, USS Atlanta, and USS San Diego (11/2/1942-11/7/1942)

4 Japanese Ships Sunk

Took 1 Torpedo and 1 Bomb

Repairs completed at Sydney (12/8/1942)

Left the Theater (1/6/1943)

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