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Java Class Light Cruiser of the Royal Netherlands Navy

At the start of the war she was in the Dutch East Indies and joined with Dutch and British ships to delay the Japanese Advance.

Arrives Soerabaja (12/10/1941)

Assigned to Task Force 108 to raid Kuching (12/21/1941)

Raided Kuching (12/26/1941)

2 Japanese Ships Sunk

Arrive back in Soerabaja(12/28/1941)

Attacked by Japanese Air Raid and heavily damaged (12/28/1941)

Almost repaired, Ordered away from Java (2/18/1942)

Attacked by Japanese caircraft at Port Moresby (5/2/1942)

Raided Lae (5/5/1942)

3 Japanese Ships Sunk

Attacked by Japanese Carrier based aircraft near Sydney (5/13/1942)

Took 2 bomb hits causing fires

Escorted HMS Illustrious and HMS Formidable with USS Houston, HMAS Canberra, and HMS Newcastle

Attacked IJN Maya near Port Moresby (7/14/1942)

Engaged IJN Kako and IJN Kiso Tagula Island (7/27/1942)
Took 1 Shell Hit causing fires.

Repairs Completed at Sydney (9/7/1942)

Escorted HMS Formidable with HMS Devonshire, and HMNZS Leander (9/20/1942)

Protected convoy from Japanese Submarine with HMS Devonshire, HMAS Canberra, and HMNZS Leander near Coffs Harbor (10/23/1942)

Supported invasion of Rossel Island with HMS Ramillies, USS South Dakota, HMS Devonshire, HMAS Canberra, HMNZS Leander, HMS Danae, USS Marblehead, USS Juneau, and HNLMS Van Heemskerk (11/3/1942)

Disrupted Japanese invasion of Shortlands with HMAS Canberra, HMS Devonshire, and HMNZS Leander (11/17/1942)

Attacked by Japanese land based bombers at Milne Bay (12/5/1942)

Supported invasion of Finschhafen with HMS Devonshire and HMNZS Leander (12/29/1942)

Attacked by Japanese planes near Finschhafen (1/10/1943)

Took 1 Bomb hit causing fires

Attacked by Japanese planes near Finschhafen (1/16/1943)

Took 1 Bomb hit causing fires, heavy damage

Under repair at Port Moresby (3/9/1943)

Supported Invasion of Kavieng with HMS Newcastle and HMNZS Leander (5/23/1943)

Attacked by Japanese Land Based Aircraft at Kavieng (5/24/1943)

Took 1 Toropedo causing fires, heavy damage

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