An Agano Class Light Cruiser in the Imperial Japanese Navy

With IJN Takao and IJN Nagara attacked Convoy near Lunga defended by USS New Orleans, HMS Durban, USS Raleigh, and USS St. Louis (11/11/1942)

Attacked by planes near Pearl Harbor with IJN Nagato(12/21/1942)

Reportedly took 1 Bomb hit causing fires

Driven away from convoy escorted by USS California, USS Houston, USS Chester, USS Atlanta, and USS Phoenix (12/22/1942) Reportedly Took 2 bomb hits

Attacked by Carrier based planes near french Frigate Shoal (12/24/1942)

Reportedly took 5 bomb hits and sunk

Sunk (12/24/1942)

Japanese confirmed Sunk (12/24/1942)

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