Only French Surface unit. Speant a lot of time escorting Convoys.

Escort for Convoy to Port Moresby Early January.

Arrived Sydney

Assigned Task Force 431 to raid Japanese Landings at Efate (1/18/1942)

Raid Efate (1/22/1942)

7 Japanese Ships sunk including 2 destroyers.

Damaged causing Fires

Supported Invasion of Shortlands (5/4/1942)

Attacked by Japanese Carrier Aircraft at Shortlands (5/6/1942)

Convoy Atatcked by Japanese Task force including IJN Ise and IJN Takao (5/10/1942)

Took 1 Shell hit 1 Torpedo and sunk

(Sunk 5/10/1942)

Admitted Sunk (5/10/1942)

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