Assorted Classifcations either too unimportant or too small to fit elsewhere.

Tiny Experimental Submarines (SSX) 29 Identified 22 Confirmed Sunk

Auxilery Minelayer (ACM) 1 Identified 1 Sunk

Coastal Minelayer (CMc) 8 Identified 3 Confirmed Sunk

Fast Minesweepers (DMS) 7 Identified 1 Confirmed sunk

Coastal Minsweeper (AMc) 2 Identified 2 Confirmed Sunk

Auxiliary (AG) 4 Identified 1 Believed Sunk

Destroyer Tender (AD) 2 Identified 1 Believed Sunk

Seaplane Tender (AV) 2 Identified 2 Believed Sunk

Motor Gun Boat (MGB) 1 Identified

Floating Repair Dock (ARD) 1 Identified 1 Believed Sunk

Landing Boat (LB) 7 Identified 3 Confirmed Sunk

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