7 December 1941

The Japanese carrier fleet began the war in the Pacific with a surprise attack on Pearl Harbour. this was preceded by attempts to get a number of mini submarines into the harbour at around 3:42 in the morning.

The main strike was made by a total of 294 planes, mainly Dive and Torpedo bombers of the Val and Kate classes. Their targets were the ships in the harbour and the planes packed heavily on the ground.

This strike lead to the destruction of 29 of our planes on the ground and the sinking of the Battleships Nevada and Maryland - with the battleship Pennsylvania sinking three days later when the damage control crews could not bring the fires under control. other ships sunk were the destroyer Selfridge, The minesweeper Sicard and the Submarine Cachalot. Extensive damage was also done to a number of other ships, including the other four battleships stationed at Pearl.

Japanese losses were five Kates and one Val.

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