The Battle of Makassar

January 24 1942


January 24 1942


Near Makassar


Allied Tactical Victory


United Kingdon, Netherlands

Empire of Japan


Paul C.W. Mainwairing

Nishizō Tsukahara


1 Heavy Cruiser, 2 Light Cruisers, 4 Destroyers

1 Destroyer, 3 Patrol Boats, 4 Transports


1 Cruiser and 1 Destroyer Moderately damaged

2 Patrol Boats, 3 Transports sunk.


The Battle of Makassar was a sortie by British and Dutch ships from their base in Soreabaja to the port city of Makassar. The Japanese were landing there in great numbers and the allied forces hoped to interrupt or even stop the invasion. The force caught the Japanese totally unprepared and ravaged the landing. It was ultimately unsucessful at stoping the invasion, and for the time the Japanese invasion of the Dutch East Indies was irresistable.

None of the allied cruisers invovled, HMS Cornwall, De Ruyter or Mauritius survived the Dutch East Indies campaign. All were lost to air attack.

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