Battle of Niihau





Off Niihau Hawaii




Empire of Japan

United States


Tomotsu Tikama

C.B. Kennedy, K. Erickson


2 Battleships 2 Heavy Cruisers 6 Destroyers

3 Escort Carriers 4 Battleships 3 Heavy Cruisers 4 Light Cruisers 22 Destroyers


2 Battleships, 1 Heavy Cruiser Heavily Damaged 1 Destroyer Sunk

1 Battleship Heavily Damaged, 1 Heavy Cruiser, 1 Destroyer sunk

The Imperial Navy sent a Battleship Taskforce to raid the Hawaiian Islands. Initially spotted by a submarine off Eniwetok, the Task force was engaged by a superior American Battleship Taskforce supported by American Escort Carriers near the Island of Niihau.

Although the American Taskforce surprised the Japanese in the night, the resulting gunnery duel was inconclusive and the Japanese were able to withdraw.

Planes from the American Carriers were able to inflict further damage on the fleeing Japanese but they were unable to sink any of the large ships and the Taskforce successfully escaped. Both sides lost a single destroyer while the Americans also loss the USS Quincy, which had suffered from attacks by the IJN Haruna.

Japanese Combatants

IJN Haruna, IJN Kongo, IJN Tone, IJN Chikuma as well as 6 destroyers

American Combatants

Battleship Taskforce

USS West Virginia, USS Oklahoma, USS  California, USS Tennessee, USS Astoria, USS Minneapolis, USS Quincy, USS San Juan, USS Phoenix, USS Nashville, USS Honolulu and 14 Destroyers

Carrier Taskforce

USS Prince William, USS Nassau, USS Altamaha and 8 Destroyers

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