The Battle of Sangi
HMS Dragon

HMS Dragon is caught by Kates


December 26


December 27


Near Sangi, Dutch East Indies


Japanese Victory, Invasion continues


Empire of Japan

United States, United Kingdon, Netherlands


Chuichi Nagumo
Shimazaki Toshio

Ian Horner


3 Feet Carriers
1 Heavy Cruiser
3 Light Cruisers
8 Destroyers

2 Light Cruisers
2 Destroyers


1 Light Cruiser, 1 Destroyer sunk

2 Light Cruisers and 2 Destroyers sunk


This engagement was the final battle of Task Force 308. After a sucessful raid on a Japanese landing force, it moved near the Sangi islands looking for a night engagment with an isolated Japanese carrier.

Although managing to penetrate past the screening force, the allied TF 308 was unable to score any significant damage on the Japanese carrier force. After the losses of all ships but HMS Dragon an escape attempt was made, but she was caught by air raids the next day and obliterated. Their past success but a minor paragraph in the book of the Pacific War.

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