USS Boise (CL-47) wasa Brooklyn Class Light Cruiser.

At the start of the war she was in the Dutch East Indies and joined with Dutch and British ships to delay the Japanese Advance.

Arrives Soerabaja (12/10/1941)

Assigned to Taskforce 308 to raid Kuching (12/12/1941)

Took Part in the Kuching Raid (12/15/1941)

IJN Chiyoda and 11 other Japanese Ships sunk

Attempted To Raid Ternate (12/25/1941)

Took Part in The Battle of Sangi (12/26/1941)

Ran into Major Japanese Fleet including Several carriers.

Managed to sink IJN Sendai, but were quicky hunted down and Sunk.

Sunk (12/26/1941)

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