USS Columbia (CL-56) was a Cleveland class light Cruiser in the US Navy

Arrived Balboa (11/8/1942)

Drove off Japanese raider near Lihue with USS West Virginia, USS North Carolina, USS Astoria, USS Wichita, USS Helena, USS Phoenix, and USS Honolulu(12/6/1942)

Attacked by Japanese raiders near French Frigate Shoal while escorting USS Nassau, USS Altamaha, USS Prince William, and USS Long Island, with USS North Carolina, USS Astoria, HMS Exeter, USS San Diego, and USS Trenton(12/23/1942)

Escorted USS Enterprise and USS Yorktown in raid on Japanese Shipping in the Marshalls with USS Wichita, USS San Juan, USS Trenton, USS St. Louis, and USS Helena (1/29/1943-1/31/1943)

Begins Refit at Suva (4/4/1943)

Repairs Completed at Suva (4/20/1943)

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