USS Indianapolis (CA-35) was a Portland Class Heavy Cruiser. She was famous for delivering the atomic bomb, then sinking and getting much of her crew eaten by sharks.

Attacked by Japanese Carrier Based Planes 12/8/1941

Took 2 bomb hits causing Fires

Anti Raiding Task Force at Pearl Harbor (3/21/1942)

Took Part in the Fourth Battle of Wake Island as Carrier escort (4/9-4/11/1942)

Attacked Japanese Landing Force at Wake Island (4/12/1942)

3 Japanese Ships Sunk

Intercepted Japanese task force lead by IJN Akagi near Wake Island (4/14/1942)

Took 7 Shell hits 1 Torpedo Causing Fires

Took 1 Bomb hit causing fires (3/15/1942)

Intercepts IJN Junyo Task force Near Wake (4/26/1942)

Took 2 Sheel Hits

Begins Refit at Pearl Harbor (5/10/1942)

Fleet Escort during the First Battle of Solomon Islands (10/15/1942-10/18/1942)

Took 2 Torpedo Hits causing fires

Begins Refit at Sydney (10/26/1942)

Repairs completed at Sydney (12/14/1942)

Supported Invasion of Makin with HMS Valiant, HMS Caradoc, USS Raleigh, and HMS Durban (1/6/1943)

Supported Invasion of Jaluit with and USS Raleigh and HMS Durban (1/17/1943)

Took 9 Shell hits

Escorted USS Wasp in shipping raid around Rabaul with USS West Virginia, USS Houston,HMS Durban and USS Juneau (5/26/1943)

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