American Lexington Class Aircraft Carrier. One of Pac Coms three beautiful daughters.

Allowed to sink at Wake Island after a disfiguring fire changed Grey's mind about her beauty.

Sunk (5/9/1942)

Launched Air Attacks on the Ships supporting the Invasion of Wake Island (12/9/1941-12/10/1941)

7 Ships Sunk including IJN Tenryu and IJN Tatsuta

Sent to Protect Midway with USS Yorktown, USS Enterprise, and USS Saratoga and escorts (1/20/1942)

Arrive at Midway, rerouted to Wake Island (1/22/1942)

Took part in the Second Battle of Wake Island (1/25 through 1/27 1942)

Sunk 11 Japanese Ships including IJN Kirishima and IJN Fuso

Took Part in the First Invasion of the Marshall Islands (2/15/1942)

Attacked by Japanese planes (2/19/1942)

Attacked by Japanese Planes (2/23/1942)

Attacked by Japanese Planes (2/26/1942)

Ordered to Wake Island (3/2/1942)

Attacked by a Submarine (3/3/1942)

Took 1 Torpdeo causing minor Damage,
Ordered back to Pearl Harbor

33 Days of repairs at Pearl Harbor (3/8/1942)

34 Days of repairs at Pearl Harbor (3/19/1942) (Overcrowded delays)

23 Days of repairs at Pearl Harbor (3/30/1942)

Ordered to Wake (4/23/1942)

Attacked by planes from IJN Soryu at Wake Island (5/1/1942)

Takes 4 bomb hits causing heavy fires
Launches attacks on the Soryu, IJN Tama, IJN Jintsu and IJN Yura

IJN Soryu believed Sunk, IJN Tama Confirmed Sunk

Unable to put out the fire, the Lexington was scuttled (5/9/1942)

Loss Admitted (6/22/1942)

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