USS Oklahoma (BB-37) was a Nevada Class Battleship in the US Navy.

Heavily Damaged at Pearl Harbor. (12/7/1941)

150 days of repairs in San Franciscio (4/14/1942)

Began Refit at Pearl Harbor (8/1/1942)

Repairs Finished at Pearl Harbor (8/23/1942)

Ordered to Support invasion of Tarawa with USS Arizona, USS California, USS Colorado, USS Vincennes, USS Quincy, USS Minneapolis, USS Astoria, USS Honolulu, USS Nashville, USS Phoenix, USS Helena, and USS San Juan. (9/2/1942)

Supported Invasion of Tarawa (9/16/1942-9/17/1942)

Took 1 Torpedo (9/16/1942)

Required 60 days of Repair at Pearl Harbor (9/29/1942)

Repairs Finished at Pearl Harbor (11/11/1942)

Took part in The Battle of Niihau (11/18/1942)

Took 1 Shell hit

Begins refit at Pearl Harbor (12/1/1942)

160 Days of Repair at Pearl Harbor (1/19/1943)

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