USS Prince William(CVE-31) was a Bogue Class Escort carrier in the US Navy

Arrived Tacoma (11/1/1942)

Took part in The Battle of Niihau (11/18/1942)

Intercepted Japanese raider near French Frigate Shoal with USS Altamaha and USS Nassau(12/6/1942)

Took 1 Shell hit

1 Japanese Ship sunk

Attacked by Japanese raiders near French Frigate Shoal with USS Nassau, USS Altamaha, and USS Long Island, escorted by USS North Carolina, USS Astoria, HMS Exeter, USS San Diego, USS Trenton, and USS Columbia (12/23/1942)

Took 5 Shell hits causing fires

Repairs Completed at Pearl Harbor (12/28/1942)

Provided cover for Second Invasion of Marshalls with USS Altamaha, USS Nassau, and USS Long Island, escorted by HMS Exeter and USS Trenton

Attacked by Japanese land based aircraft near Ailuk (1/3/1943)

Took 1 bomb hit

Begins Refit at Pearl Harbor (4/1/1943)

Repairs Completed at Pearl Harbor (4/22/1943)

Defended Pearl Harbor with USS Long Island and USS Nassau from air raid launched by IJN Kaga (5/7/1943)

Dispatched to Invade Wake Island with USS Long Island, USS Colorado, USS South Dakota, USS Portland, USS Chicago, USS Atlanta, USS San Juan, USS Oakland, and USS Reno (5/16/1943)

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