USS Raleigh (CL-7) was an Omaha-class light cruiser

Took Part in the First Invasion of the Marshall Islands (2/15/1942)

Supported Invasion of Wake Island (2/22/1942)

Supported Invasion of Eniwetok (2/25/1942)

Attacked Japanese Shipping near Eniwetok (2/26/1942)

2 Japanese Merchants sunk

Anti Raiding Task Force at Pearl Harbor (3/21/1942)

Escorted USS Yorktown (4/19/1942)

Begans Refit at Pearl Harbor (5/9/1942)

Fleet Escort during the First Battle of Solomon Islands (10/15/1942-10/18/1942)

Defended convoy near Lunga against IJN Takao, IJN Agano, and IJN Nagara with USS New Orleans, HMS Durban, and USS St. Louis (11/11/1942)

Supported Invasion of Makin with HMS Valiant, USS Indianapolis, HMS Caradoc, and HMS Durban (1/6/1943)

Supported Invasion of Jaluit with USS Indianapolis and HMS Durban (1/17/1943)

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