USS Saratoga CV-3

Not a model

American Lexington Class Aircraft Carrier. One of Pac Coms Three Beautiful Daughters.

Started war in San Diego, Immediately moved to Pearl Harbor

Hit by Torpedo (12/12/1941)

Returned to San Diego for 19 days of repairs

Headed for Pearl Harbor with USS Yorktown (1/4/1942)

Sent to Protect Midway with USS Yorktown, USS Enterprise, and USS Lexington and escorts (1/20/1942)

Arrive at Midway, rerouted to Wake Island (1/22/1942)

Took part in the Second Battle of Wake Island (1/25 through 1/27 1942)

Sunk 11 Japanese Ships including IJN Kirishima and IJN Fuso

Took Part in the First Invasion of the Marshall Islands (2/15/1942)

Attacked by Japanese planes (2/20/1942) Took 2 Torpedos causing Fires and Heavy Damage

Under Refit at Pearl Harbor 387 Days of repairs (3/19/1942)

Under Refit at Pearl Harbor 374 Days of repairs (3/30/1942)

Ordered to Los Angeles for Dry dock (4/18/1942)

Under refit while being repaired (6/1/1942)

Under refit while being repaired (10/1/1942)

160 Days of Repair at Los Angeles (1/20/1943)

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